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About Us
Millennium Technology Solutions is a leader in the use of evolving technology in healthcare. We develop technological solutions that build on the strengths of our customers. Our solutions maximize efficiency positioning our customers to compete more effectively.We remain focused on using technology to:Reduce overall costs Minimize manual tasks Streamline processes Reduce miscommunication.
Ultimately, we want to make the health care system less confusing for the consumer. Millennium Technology Solutions is dedicated to providing the best possible search site for patients to find healthcare professionals.
The healthcare insurance industry has become increasingly reliant on using websites to provide customers with their in-network physician listings. Consumers accessing those websites are then left with making a choice. The FindADoctor.com website was developed to assist consumers in making that choice.
Our site provides a search engine with search results that include specialties, languages spoken, academic achievements and standing. Our goal is to provide the consumer with information that they can use to make a well informed choice.